Tenants' Committee meeting at Carr's Court

Listening and Responding to Tenants

Alpha works hard to ensure tenants are able to help shape the services they receive. We also want residents to have full opportunity to hold us to account for our performance, including challenging us where improvements are needed.

The Tenants' Committee and Tenants' Forum have a vital role in this process. Comprising tenants democratically elected from across our schemes, the Committee meets regularly with the Chief Executive and Leadership Team, as well as twice yearly meetings with the Board. Among the areas discussed recently are helping keeping tenants safe through the pandemic; improving the day-to-day repairs service; and improving grounds maintenance so communal gardens can be enjoyed by residents.

Current members of the Committee are listed below. Its Chair is currently Lowry Court tenant Chris Craig, who is also a member of the Housing Policy Panel. This comprises tenant representatives from around NI and acts as a consultative body to the Department for Communities on policy matters around social housing.

If there is an issue you would like the Tenants' Committee to discuss, or you would be interested in joining, please contact your Scheme Co-ordinator or Housing Officer.

Meet the Tenants' Committee
Chris Craig crop
Chris Craig
Chair, Lowry Court
Elizabeth Chapman crop
Elizabeth Chapman
Northland Court
Victor Crop
Victor Allister
Montgomery Manor
Mary Quinn crop
Mary Quinn
Agherton Grange
Francis crop
Francis Murphy
Lowry Court