Strategic Priorities to 2025

Alexander sheltered crop

1. Maintain homes to a high standard

  • Deliver consistently high-quality response maintenance services.
  • Tenants gain more control over repairs, especially through technology.
  • Invest in creating beautiful environments that help tenants thrive.
Improve kitchen crop

2. Provide exemplary housing and support services

  • Provide sheltered tenants with effective housing support to help them flourish.
  • Improve efficiency of re-lets process to maximise occupancy and income.
  • Pioneer new and more financially viable ways of providing housing support.
Barnetts kitchen crop

3. Build beautiful homes

  • Meet ambitious newbuild targets of at least 220 new homes over five years.
  • Build variety of homes to meet wide range of needs and increase surpluses.
  • Pioneer a new generation of ‘HAPPI’ homes for older people.
Tree planting project

4. Deliver social and environmental change

  • Develop asset management strategy outlining a path to ‘Net Zero’.
  • Procure for social value as well as cost and quality.
  • Help limit and mitigate climate change, and support nature across our estate.
Francis crop

5. Run our business effectively

  • Review pay, conditions, and hybrid working so we are an attractive employer.
  • Streamline governance processes to ensure effective strategic leadership.
  • ‘Tell our story’ and advocate for older people, high quality housing and support.