Improve kitchen crop
Please seek permission before improving your home

Thinking of Making Home Improvements?

Sometimes tenants wish to improve their homes. This might include changing a light fitting or door, or more major works such as installing a new bathroom or kitchen.

Written permission must be obtained before you make improvements to your home. This is to help ensure that any works are completed appropriately and safely.

Please contact the Maintenance Department in Head Office to inform them of your plans. Your Technical Officer may be able to advise on the changes you wish to make, and point out things to be aware of, such as the location of electrical wiring. We may require to see plans from your contractor, especially for bigger projects such as new kitchens.

Once our Maintenance Department is satisfied the proposed improvements are appropriate and safe, written permission will usually be granted. However, conditions may be attached to any permissions. Also, new installations fitted by tenants will usually be your ongoing responsibility to maintain.

If you need adaptations due to a medical condition or illness, please visit the Making Your Home Accessible page.