Kitchen crop
Double glazing installation at Alexander Court, Belfast

Making our Homes the Best They Can Be

Alpha Housing works hard to maintain our homes to the highest standards. That is why, in addition to completing 5,000 routine repairs each year, we also invest around £1.5 million p.a. on planned maintenance. Our programme comprises two main elements.

Periodically replacing major elements is the first. This includes renewing windows, external doors and kitchens, boilers, and safety equipment such as fire alarms, emergency lighting and warden call systems. These components are replaced according to their life cycles, which vary greatly.

Cyclical works is the second element of planned improvements. Generally completed every eight years 8 year, these works are to repair and redecorate the communal areas in sheltered schemes, both internally and externally. Cyclical works usually include repainting, as well as the replacement of items such as fences, gates and guttering.

Carnvue car park crop DARK
Creating new car parking spaces, Carnvue Court

Delivering Planned Improvements

Every year, Alpha decides on the the works to be included in our annual planned maintenance programme based on stock condition information from our surveyors. Sometimes works have to be delayed or brought forward, informed by professional advice.

Once the programme is decided, the projects are procured. Usually a 'framework' contractor will be appointed to a project. These are Bann, CTS, H&A, Hetheringtons and VHL.

Alpha will then write to inform you of the work which is to be completed and when we expect it to happen. However, sometimes timescales will unavoidably have to change, especially with the current shortages of labour and materials.

Where possible, such as when replacing kitchens or redecorating common rooms, Alpha will endeavour to give tenants some choice of colours and finishes. Also, where disruptive work in tenants' homes is necessary, we will often pay a small disturbance allowance, to help enable residents to vacate their homes for as long as necessary.

Directing our Planned Improvements

Michael Chivers, Assistant Maintenance Manager, leads in planning and delivering our planned maintenance programme He is ably assisted by our consultants Moore Macdonald.

In this short film, Michael outlines what is involved in managing this £1.5m p.a. investment programme.