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Tenant Scrutinising Alpha's Performance

Make Your Voice Heard!

Alpha is keen to work with tenants to improve services. Like all housing associations, we are guided by the Tenant Participation Strategy for Northern Ireland. This sets out how we should give tenants opportunities and choices in participating in the decision-making that affects them.

In response to the Strategy, Alpha has published a Menu of Tenant Involvement. This sets out a wide range of ways residents can get involved and make their views heard. These can range from easy things like participating in surveys and attending 'Time for Tenants' meetings at each sheltered scheme, to greater commitments such as joining the Alpha-wide Tenants' Committee.

The Tenants' Forum also meets regularly around Alpha's sheltered schemes and all tenants are very welcome to attend. It is a good opportunity for Alpha's Leadership Team to update tenants on our performance. Residents' concerns, such as the need to improve day-to-day repairs and the quality of our grounds maintenance, are fully discussed. Also, external speakers are invited to speak on a range of topical issues, such as how to avoid scams.

Alpha benefits greatly from hearing residents' views at the Tenants' Forum. However tenants also greatly benefit from getting involved:

  • Express your ideas, opinions and concerns
  • Understand how your landlord operates
  • Meet fellow Alpha tenants from across NI
  • Advocate for your neighbours and friends
  • Enjoy good food!

If you're interested in attending the Tenants' Forum or getting involved in other tenant participation activities, please email or speak to your Scheme Co-ordinator or Housing Officer.