Coronavirus Response

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Wearing face coverings is still important

Keeping Each Other Safe

From the start of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Alpha Housing's top priority has been to help keep tenants and staff safe. We have carefully observed NI Executive guidance and often gone further than minimum requirements.

We thank all tenants for your continuing efforts to help control the spread of Coronavirus. However, in spite of great progress on vaccinations, infection rates across NI remain stubbornly high. Therefore continued caution and protective measures remain necessary. Please continue to respect fellow tenants and scheme staff in practising the simple measures that will help keep everyone safe.

The varying restrictions in place in different settings can be confusing. That is why we have recently written to tenants to clarify the current approach in our sheltered schemes. As many Alpha tenants are medically vulnerable, we will continue to be cautious and use protective measures that may no longer be used elsewhere. However, our intention is to gradually re-start coffee mornings and other communal activities in schemes with appropriate safeguards in place. These measures are outlined below.

The last 18 months have been a gruelling ordeal. We all look forward to better times ahead. In the meantime, however, Alpha continues to rely on all tenants to take the simple steps to protect each other. However inconvenient, these will help keep us all safe.

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Ventilation greatly reduces coronavirus spread

Protective Measures

  • Social distancing - We continue to operate a 1 metre (3.5 feet) social distancing policy in common rooms and all communal areas.
  • Ventilation - Good ventilation is vital to stop the spread of the virus. Windows and/or doors must be open in common rooms during events to ensure the circulation of fresh air. Tenants may wish to wear coats, scarves etc. and bring blankets and hot water bottles to coffee mornings and other events in common rooms to help keep warm.
  • Face masks and sanitiser - Tenants should continue to wear masks / face coverings in communal areas including common rooms – obviously exceptions can be made for eating and drinking during coffee mornings. Please continue to use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Social activities - We are now seeking to re-start some form of social activity in each scheme. Each scheme is unique, so please liaise with your Scheme Co-ordinator on what is possible where you live.
  • Day trips - Due to risks around bus trips, we are currently unable to organise day trips for tenants.
  • Christmas lunches and activities - Depending on the situation in December, it is hoped that some Christmas activities can be held in schemes. Scheme Co-ordinators will prioritise safeguarding tenants when planning activities to avoid Coronavirus outbreaks.