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Tenants moving on must leave homes in decent condition

Ending Your Tenancy

If you are planning to move on, you must let us know at least 4 weeks before the date you plan to leave.

To do this, you need to complete a Notice of Termination of Tenancy form. This is available from Head Office or your Scheme Co-Ordinator.

Please note that rent is payable until the keys are handed back to your Scheme Co-Ordinator (for sheltered homes) or Housing Officer (for general needs). In the event of a death, we require 2 weeks written notice of termination of tenancy.

Death of a tenant

  • In the unfortunate case of the death of a tenant, 2 weeks’ notice is required in writing. This can be completed by a next of kin/ relative / representative. If the tenant was living alone, the next of kin / relative are normally relied upon to clear the home and return the keys.
  • If extra time is required to clear the home, this can be extended on a weekly basis, however the rent will be payable until the return of the keys.
  • A forwarding address will be required with all furniture and personal possessions removed from the home. Alpha Housing will not be held responsible for any items left in the home once the keys have been returned.

Leaving Homes in Decent Condition

  • Please leave your home in the condition you would have hoped to have found it as a new tenant.
  • When you inform us you are moving on, we will visit your home to check its condition and identify any repairs or works required that are your responsibility under the terms and conditions of your tenancy. Any issues will be highlighted, to allow you the opportunity to put things right.
  • Any works requested which have not been completed before you vacate your home, will be charged to you to enable us to bring the home to a lettable standard.
  • We will also charge you for the cost of removing any surplus belongings or rubbish you leave behind.