Paying Your Rent

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Most tenants pay their rent by Direct Debit

Paying Your Rent

There are various ways to pay your rent. Your Housing Officer will discuss the available options with you when you start your tenancy.

Payment Methods include:

  • Direct Debit - Payable weekly, fortnightly or on a calendar month basis. Your Housing Officer can assist you in completing the necessary paperwork.
  • Rental Payment Swipe Card (Allpay) - This card enables you to make payments at any Post Office or retail outlets displaying PayPoint or Payzone signs.
  • Online - You can pay your rent online through the Allpay website. (Please Note: You need to sign up to Allpay to start making payments. You will then receive an Allpay rent payment card and debit card, which are both needed to make payments.)
  • By Phone - Contact the Housing or Finance Team on 028 9078 7750 to make a rent payment.

You will be issued with annual rent statements showing all charges and payments to your account.

Please Note: Two weeks rent is payable as a deposit at the start of your tenancy.

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