Speak to us or an advice agency if worried about your rent

We're Here to Help

Struggling to pay rent?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, please contact us immediately and we will try and provide assistance and support. We can advise you how to manage your debt, and make affordable weekly agreements to clear your arrears.

We can make referrals to support agencies who will help you to budget and negotiate weekly affordable agreements to help clear your arrears.

Non–payment of rent is a breach of your Tenancy Agreement and can lead to legal action and ultimately Alpha seeking possession of your home.

If an arrear accrues on your rent account you will be advised by letter and/or a home visit. You will be offered advice and the options available to you for repayment of the arrear and future payments will be discussed. A payment plan will be agreed.

If you do not maintain an arrears payment plan the following action may be taken:

  • An application for deductions from certain benefits;
  • A “Notice to Seek Possession” may be issued.

Keeping in touch

It is important that you keep in touch with your Housing Officer regarding your situation if you are still experiencing difficulty paying your rent.

By keeping in touch, your Housing Officer will be able to continue to support you to help clear your arrears.