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Tenants Forum

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Tenants Forum

The Tenants Forum is operated by the tenants for the tenants to provide an opportunity to be involved with decisions affecting their community and homes and ensure the tenants' views are listened to. The Committee meet every three months. The main Tenants Forum meets every six months at Schemes across the province.

Chairman: Chris Craig, Lowry Court, Belfast 

Vice Chair: James Brown, Johnston Close, Ballymena.

Secretary: Eleanor Kane, Northland Court, Carrickfergus.

Committee Members:

Mary Quinn, Agherton Grange, Portstewart.

Henrietta Beattie, Rathmore Manor, Newtownabbey. 

Trevor Strain, Rathmore Manor, Newtowabbley. 

Lily Chapman, Northland Court, Carrickfergus.

Yvonne Hemmingway, Rathmore Manor, Newtownabbey.

Robert Burns, Rathmore Manor, Newtownabbey.