Annual Reviews

The Annual Review summarises our performance and accounts for the previous year.

Document Name
Annual Review 2022-23 (Pdf - 1.7 MB)
Annual Review 2021-22 (Pdf - 771.2 KB)
Audited Accounts

Each year externally Audited Accounts and an accompanying Trustee Report is published.

Document Name
Audited Accounts 2023 (Pdf - 486.3 KB)
Audited Accounts 2022 (Pdf - 490.3 KB)
Audited Accounts 2021 (Pdf - 462.7 KB)
Housemark Reports

Housemark is the UK-wide benchmarking service housing associations use to help understand their performance.

Document Name
Housemark Summary Report 2022 (Pdf - 1.3 MB)
Housemark Summary Report 2021 (Pdf - 309.6 KB)
STAR Surveys

Tenant satisfaction levels are established by an independent agency completing a random sample survey every other year.

Document Name
STAR Survey Report 2022-23 (Pdf - 757.2 KB)
STAR Survey Report 2020-21 (Pdf - 451.2 KB)
STAR Survey Report 2018-19 (Pdf - 501.7 KB)
Value for Money Statements

How Value for Money is delivered for tenants is set out in an annual statement prepared for the Department for Communities.

Document Name
Value for Money Statement 2022-23 (Pdf - 730.4 KB)
Value for Money Statement 2021-22 (Pdf - 258.2 KB)
Value for Money Statement 2020-21 (Pdf - 286.2 KB)