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Alpha’s Values

Alpha’s Values

Integrity: Board and staff will at all times act with probity in mind, with transparency, honesty, respect, fairness and confidentiality and in accordance with the values and ethos of the Association. Information will be made publicly available unless there are justifiable reasons for withholding it.

Customer Care: Alpha is a tenant focussed organisation putting our customers at the core of all we do.

Value: Alpha ensures value by delivering services that are cost effective and affordable.

Equality: Alpha has a culture of equality of opportunity and treats everyone with respect, sensitivity and dignity.

Accountability: Alpha will be properly accountable to all its stakeholders. An annual report on activities and performance will be produced and made available to members, tenants, and anyone requesting a copy.

Audit: Alpha has in place effective systems for internal and external audit.

Good Governance: The respective roles of Board members and staff are clearly documented and delegation arrangements are clearly set out.

Prudence: Alpha will provide services that are efficient, competitive and good value for money while providing for current needs without jeopardising future provision.

Commitment: The Association exists to serve its tenants, to meet community need and to satisfy its stakeholders.